Mediation uses a neutral third party to bring together two or more parties in a structured way to improve dialogue and resolve disputes. A mediator uses a flexible process to bring people together, explore solutions, and negotiate resolution. The best mediated discussions help people work together to create an equitable solution and a plan to implement that solution. Jessie has mediated hundreds of cases in a wide variety of areas including employment, foreclosure, community/neighbor disputes, family law, and children’s law.

Advantages of mediation include:

  • A third party can help people see new perspectives, and can make it easier for people to come together to discuss tough issues.
  • The parties have shared control over the process and are able to negotiate agreements that everyone can support.
  • Mediation can save both parties time and money.

Mediation is about making sure that every voice is heard and that differing perspectives can agree on a plan to move forward.